Offering Compliance-as-a-Service

Offering a HIPAA compliance solution allows an MSP the opportunity to work with clients throughout the healthcare field. Federal regulation demands that every healthcare organization operating in the US be HIPAA compliant, and it’s here that MSPs should look to enter the market. MSPs can benefit from their current client relationships while building new ones, at the same time by simply providing Compliance as a Service alongside their other offerings.

Offering a HIPAA compliance solution allows MSPs the reputational advantage necessary to get a start on attracting healthcare professionals of all kinds to their services. An MSP who targets clients in the healthcare field, without a HIPAA tracking service, is missing out on a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the growing needs of today’s healthcare market.

In addition to the potential for new revenue streams, having a strong HIPAA Compliance as a Service offering can better develop an MSP’s relationship with professionals in the healthcare field.

Compliancy Group’s web-based compliance tracking solution, The Guard™, is built with MSPs in mind. Compliancy Group’s flexibility in HIPAA service options for MSPs means that there’s the option for providers to white-label The Guard so that it fits into their current offerings without having to sacrifice hard-earned brand recognition or the trust of long-time clients. Partners start with Compliancy Group by working with a coach to help them understand the requirements of HIPAA Compliance as a Service, and to develop a comprehensive sales and marketing plan. The Compliance Coach™ continues to support them via monthly strategic calls, offering product demonstrations and sales meeting support along the way.

Compliance can be a cumbersome process for firms that aren’t equipped to deal with the extensive reach of HIPAA regulation. But an MSP who offers HIPAA Compliance as a Service from Compliancy Group is set to address the issues faced by healthcare professionals across the country with a simple and effective compliance tracking solution.

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