Looking for a simple way to assess your HIPAA compliance? Download our new HIPAA Compliance Checklist for 2019!

Compliancy Group’s annual HIPAA compliance checklist gives you a robust summary of everything healthcare professionals, vendors, and IT service providers need to be HIPAA compliant. Download our latest company HIPAA compliance checklist now and find out where your organization stands!

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HIPAA compliance checklist

However, once you assess the status of your organization’s compliance, the question becomes: how do you implement the necessary safeguards to protect your organization in the event of a HIPAA violation?

Our on-demand HIPAA Compliance Checklist webinar gives you the HIPAA advantage you need to avoid breaches and fines in 2019. Our team of HIPAA experts take a deep dive into the best way to handle your organization’s HIPAA compliance so you can get back to running your business.

Addressing Your HIPAA Compliance in 2019

Compliancy Group’s HIPAA compliance checklist for 2019 is only the first step on your journey toward HIPAA compliance. The regulation outlines that the best way to effectively protect against data breaches and HIPAA violation fines is by implementing an effective HIPAA compliance program, tailored to your business. So what’s required for HIPAA compliance in 2019?

  • Self-Audits – HIPAA requires that you conduct annual audits of your business to assess Administrative, Technical, and Physical gaps in compliance with HIPAA Privacy and Security standards.
  • Remediation Plans – Once you’ve identified gaps, you must implement remediation plans to fix your vulnerabilities.
  • Policies, Procedures, Employee Training – To avoid HIPAA fines and violations in the future, you need to develop Policies and Procedures to address each of the HIPAA regulatory standards. Annual staff training with legal attestation on these Policies and Procedures is also required, in addition to HIPAA 101 training.
  • Documentation – Your business must document all efforts that you take to become HIPAA compliant. This documentation is critical during a HIPAA investigation with HHS and must be maintained for 6 years.
  • Business Associate Management – You must document all vendors with whom you share PHI, and execute business associate agreements to ensure PHI is handled securely and mitigate liability.
  • Incident Management – If your business does happen to have a data breach, you must have procedures in place to track, investigate, and report the breach to HHS OCR.

Compliancy Group Can Help

Compliancy Group gives healthcare professionals confidence in their HIPAA compliance with The Guard™. The Guard is a web-based HIPAA compliance solution, built by former auditors to help simplify compliance.

Compliancy Group’s team of expert Compliance Coaches™ field questions and guide users through the implementation process, taking the stress out of managing compliance. The Guard is built to address the full extent of HIPAA regulation, including fully automated documentation of policies, procedures, employee training, remediation plans, and more.

With The Guard, healthcare professionals can focus on running their practice while keeping their patients’ data protected and secure.

Find out more about how Compliancy Group and the HIPAA Seal of Compliance™ can help simplify your HIPAA compliance today!

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