HIPAA Compliant WordPress forms

Having HIPAA compliant WordPress web forms is an important piece to any businesses HIPAA compliance. Are your web forms HIPAA compliant? To have a complete compliance plan you not only want to have your webforms compliant, but also make sure your organizations and those who work with the data collected are handling the PHI correctly. Due to the need in the market we have teamed up with Codemonkeys and their HIPAA compliant wordpress webforms to offer a complete compliance program to users of their tool.

So you have HIPAA compliant webforms,
what else do you need?

  • Effective HIPAA training with the ability to track attestation

  • Policies and Procedures

  • All 6 Federally required audits

  • Business Associate Agreement and Management

  • Incident Management and Breach notification

  • Business Associate Agreements and Vendor Management


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HIPAA compliant wordpress forms