FREE HIPAA Fax Cover Sheet

With the way a Healthcare organization handles PHI becoming more important everyday, it is necessary to have the right tools in place, like a free fax cover page. Compliancy Group is providing you with a free HIPAA fax cover sheet to allow you to send both traditional faxes as well as  virtual/cloud faxes. Though by nature faxes are reasonably secure and safe in regards to HIPAA, there are still mistakes that can happen. Having a HIPAA compliant fax cover sheet can help limit the liability and protect your practice or business.

As simple as it might seem a HIPAA compliant fax cover sheet with a disclaimer should be added to every fax that is sent.

What should your HIPAA fax cover sheet include?

  • HIPAA Disclaimer
  • Senders Contact Information and Company
  • Senders phone and fax number
  • Recipients fax number
  • Date/Time