Do you Need HIPAA Help?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) enacted in 1996 requires any organization working with protected health information (PHI) to be HIPAA compliant. However, navigating the HIPAA regulation can be difficult, as it is meant to apply to single doctor practices, hospitals, insurance companies, business associates, and any other entity working in healthcare in any capacity. When working on your HIPAA compliance, it is best to work with a HIPAA expert to ensure that you have everything you need in place. Do you need HIPAA help?

HIPAA Help with Compliancy Group

Compliancy Group was founded to service small to mid-sized businesses looking for help with HIPAA compliance. Previously, there were no compliance solutions for smaller businesses, making it difficult for them to be HIPAA compliant. Compliancy Group’s proprietary software allows organizations working in healthcare to meet HIPAA compliance requirements. 

Compliancy Group developed the Guard, a cloud-based compliance software platform, to give clients the ability to work on their HIPAA compliance program from anywhere with an internet connection. The Guard contains everything you need to meet compliance requirements, vet your vendors, document your due diligence, train employees, report breaches, and provide documentation in the event of a HIPAA audit.

You don’t need to know anything about HIPAA compliance to work with Compliancy Group, software guides you through the entire HIPAA compliance implementation process. 

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