Save Time With a HIPAA Tracking Tool

As a compliance officer, you have a lot of hats to wear, and your time is valuable. What if we told you that you could save time and do your job more effectively by using a HIPAA tracking tool for your compliance?

What to Look For From Your HIPAA Tracking Tool

A recent survey conducted by Corporate Compliance Insights determined that compliance officers are stressed and burned out. Easing the burden of compliance is possible with the right HIPAA tracking tool. What should you look for from yours?

Risk Assessment and Identifying Gaps

Simplify your risk assessments and automatically identify gaps in your compliance. All you have to do is answer yes/no questions to build your risk profile. 

Corrective Action Plans

Corrective action plans are automated based on your answers to the risk assessment questions.

Employee Attestation Tracking

Make training employees easy with a tool to provide training videos, store employee attestations, and track their training progress. No more worrying about when it’s time to train a particular employee. The software will tell you when the last time an individual trained and allows you to send reminders to all users with incomplete training assignments.

Incident Management and Breach Response

Incident management and breach response are built into a good HIPAA tracking tool. A task that usually takes a ton of time to build internally is simplified into a few manageable steps.

Total Compliance Program

You don’t have to start from scratch when building your compliance program. Save months of work by using a tool to build policies and procedures based on gaps identified in your current compliance practices.

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Benefits of Using Compliancy Group’s Tracking Tool

There are many benefits to be had by using Compliancy Group’s HIPAA tracking tool. Your job is complex, and it can be challenging to prove your efforts to your organization. Having a centralized location to view the compliance program that you built with the help of our software justifies your role within your organization. Essentially the question of “How to get credit for everything I’m doing?” is answered.

Our HIPAA tracking tool, The Guard compliance software, allows you to manage compliance easily. The work is organized and structured so it can be easily repeated across multiple locations. You won’t have to redo work that you’ve already done, and all remaining tasks are ready to go.

We interviewed a Compliancy Group client regarding the time and money they saved on compliance using our HIPAA tracking tool.

Clive Wilby, Compliance Officer, Alabama Cancer Centers, commented on the time saved using The Guard to create remediation plans and corresponding policies and procedures automatically. “After viewing the demonstration, I made the decision to buy the product. I get access to The Guard, and I go through the Security Risk Analysis, and now I fully see the mess we’re in. But then I look at the remediation and documentation that’s in the file system. There’s a privacy policy and procedure manual – let me read it. And I did, and I went, Oh my God, this is exactly the answer to everything that’s gonna save me at least three years of work and then likewise with the security policy and procedures.”

Mr. Wilby remarked on the ease of assigning new employees required training and tracking their efforts. “We had an email list of all the users from our Active Directory, but at that point in time, we were doing a lot of recruiting, so I ended up with some people registered in The Guard, and others not. I’m thinking, ‘Oh my goodness, this is going to be a nightmare. Every time a new person comes in, I’ve got to make sure that they get the same training as the existing people. Lo and behold, you guys have got that covered. If I register a new user, they will get assigned to them automatically, with all the information and training that everybody else has. Keeping tabs on the moving landscape and being able to make sure that everybody is assigned what they’re supposed to do–that is a big thing.”

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