Managed Compliance Services

Why and how you should offer managed compliance services to your clients

  • Justify Advanced Security Services

  • Increase MRR
  • Triple Profits
  • Achieve HIPAA Compliance
  • Differentiate your Business
  • Justify Advanced Security Services

  • Increase MRR
  • Triple Profits
  • Achieve HIPAA Compliance
  • Differentiate your Business

Why MSPs Should Offer Managed HIPAA Compliance

The Healthcare market is the largest segment of the US economy and is tremendously underserved especially in regards to HIPAA compliance. Not only are MSPs required to be HIPAA compliant themselves, they can help serve and implement managed compliance services to their clients as value add resellers.

Though the reasons above should be enough to make the move into HIPAA managed compliance services, what value does it add on the backend? When it comes to the required aspects of HIPAA like the security risk analysis, healthcare providers are unable to take the do it yourself approach, usually requiring a security professional to audit and implement their findings. Due to this MSPs see a huge return on the remediation efforts that are found and required in regards to HIPAA; this includes backup, encryption, remote monitoring, and many of the services you already offer. Therefore, HIPAA requirements justify the added cost of a higher security plan to your end user.

How to Offer Managed Compliance Services

The question of how to offer these services is a huge area of confusion and concern. Some MSPs worry they will become liable for any advice, and others do not have the time or resources to learn. Recognizing these concerns, companies like Compliancy Group offer flexible plans like reseller or referral options. These allow you to refer or sell these services like you would any other piece of your stack, but without the need for implementation or dedicated staff, making managed compliance services a no brainer for any MSP.

Why Compliancy Group for Managed Compliance Services?

Compliancy Group the leader in offering managed compliance services to MSPs. We take the leg work, confusion, and guessing out of your offering. Not only do we have an excellent track record with HIPAA audits, none of our clients have ever failed an audit, but our team of Compliance Coaches guide your clients through the process (leaving the confusion and liability out of HIPAA). We also send you referrals of clients that need IT support, recommending that they turn to you for any IT work created by the HIPAA audit process.

We like to say, we know compliance, and you know security. You come to us for HIPAA, we go to you for security.

How we help you increase your profits and
MRR with HIPAA compliance

Justify Advanced Security

Let the assessments do the talking

Selling your services as line items can be difficult. That’s why we created a HIPAA compliant stack! Using our Coaches and audits, your clients will be required to implement advanced security to close their security gaps. With HIPAA, your advanced security offerings sell themselves, with a third party pushing the need for secure messaging, encryption, business continuities, in the form of back-up and disaster recovery, and system monitoring/auditing.

Increase Profits

Double your MRR and Triple Your profits

When users go through the required HIPAA security audits, remediation plans are created, that they need the help of an MSP to fix. By adding these extra services, conducting their security risk assessment, and reselling our solution, you can add valuable MRR to any healthcare client.

Aquire New Clients

Enter the healthcare vertical

When it comes time for a Covered Entity to choose the right Business Associate or MSP, who are they more likely to choose? The one that is aware of HIPAA and will reduce their liabilities or the one who won’t? Over 2 million companies (Business Associates) that do business with Covered Entities are not HIPAA compliant, nor are aware of the regulations itself. Business Associates use The Guard to differentiate themselves and win clients through their use and knowledge of HIPAA.

Marketing Support

Sales and marketing at your fingertips

Selling HIPAA compliance can be hard if you don’t have the right approach. By using our sales and marketing team, as well as our portal to download whitelabeled marketing collateral and send email/social campaigns, selling compliance-as-a-solution has never been easier!

Dedicated Compliance Coaches

Our HIPAA expertise teamed with your security knowledge

We don’t expect you to be HIPAA experts nor do your clients. Let Compliancy Group’s HIPAA experts walk your clients through the process, while you take over the security remediation and implementation. That way your clients will be protected on both the hard and soft side of HIPAA.

Get Leads

Our clients need compliant MSPs

Through our implementation process all of our clients need to audit their vendors. If they are in search for a HIPAA compliant MSP, we will send them your way!

“Managed Service Providers MUST stand out from the crowd in order to compete and avoid being stuck in the whirlpool race to the bottom. Working with the Compliancy Group, MSPs who offer compliance-as-a-service have a 97% higher chance of winning new business versus those who don’t, and generate an easy 150% revenue growth.”

Stuart Crawford, Ulistic

Start Offering HIPAA Compliance

Attract new clients and grow your business.