MSPs and the Healthcare Vertical: Why Bother?

MSP Healthcare

You may know that healthcare is the fastest-growing sector of the economy, but you have been hesitant to take on healthcare clients. You’ve done your research, and it seems like it’s overly complex and too much of a burden to take on healthcare clients. Why? Because when you’re an MSP in healthcare, you need to be HIPAA compliant. You have enough on your plate, so why should you bother?

There’s a way to enter the healthcare vertical without navigating HIPAA on your own. Partnering with Compliancy Group is the answer to curing your HIPAA headache. We work with MSPs nationwide to provide them with a simplified HIPAA solution. Our MSP partners have seen a 10 – 20% increase in their MRR by taking on healthcare clients.

How Does Compliancy Group Simplify HIPAA?

Compliancy Group’s automated software solution allows MSPs in healthcare to become HIPAA compliant quickly. Previously, clients have gone through our HIPAA process in a month or less. This will enable you to enter the healthcare vertical as quickly as possible so you can increase your earning potential almost instantly.

Our HIPAA compliance software includes everything you need to meet your HIPAA obligations. You are paired with a dedicated Compliance Coach to guide you through the software and our HIPAA process, taking the guesswork out of compliance.

Our software includes: 

Offer HIPAA Compliance

Enter the most lucrative vertical. Add HIPAA to your stack today!

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HIPAA Seal of Compliance

Become a Partner

As a Compliancy Group Partner, not only do we help you become HIPAA compliant, but we can help your clients too. Our HIPAA reseller program allows MSPs in healthcare to offer their clients HIPAA compliance services. The best part is that we service your healthcare clients’ HIPAA compliance for you.

By becoming HIPAA compliant, you can dramatically increase your client base. By partnering with us, you justify your advanced security offerings – standardize your stack – and increase your MRR while providing your clients with a valuable service. HIPAA compliance is an ongoing process allowing clients to stay sticky to your firm.

Compliancy Group’s HIPAA Partner Program allows you to benefit from our industry-leading HIPAA compliance software and expertise. You handle the security; we’ll handle the compliance.

As an added value, you have exclusive access to our content marketing team, giving you the resources to educate your clients and sell HIPAA compliance. Find out more about our Partner Program!

Benefits of Becoming an MSP in Healthcare

  1. Offering clients a valuable service. Your healthcare clients need to be HIPAA compliant anyway, so why not offer to help them with it.
  2. Low barriers to entry with the right partner. HIPAA is complex, and your clients are likely to have a lot of questions. The good thing is that with the right HIPAA compliance provider as a partner, you can leave the questions to them. Longtime Compliancy Group Partner Ryan Smith, Director of Sales and Customer Success, Rigid Bits, stated, “In the first few years, we leveraged the Compliancy Group team to