79% of Meaningful Use audits by CMS result in failure

Even with a certified EHR, you must perform a full security, administrative, and privacy risk analysis.  EHR vendors are not responsible nor liable for making their products compliant with HIPAA. It is solely your responsibility to have a complete risk analysis conducted.

Find out how you can satisfy Meaningful Use and
become HIPAA compliant today!
Meaningful Use Compliance Badge
  • Risk Assessment (Core Measure 9)
  • Remediation of your Risk Assessment
    (Core Measure 15)
  • Compliance Coaching
  • Tracking of Training
  • Policies & Procedures
  • End-to-End HIPAA Compliance

Trends in HIPAA and Meaningful Use Enforcement

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  • Alaskan Nonprofit – “policies and procedures were not followed and/or updated.”

  • Denver Pharmacy – “ failed to provide training as required by the Privacy Rule.”

  • Wellpoint Inc. – $1.7 Million settlement caused by a BA performing software upgrade