Pass a HIPAA Audit

Become compliant and prevent HIPAA fines.

HIPAA audits can be scary, but when you use Compliancy Group to manage your compliance, you can be confident that you’ll pass. Our clients have a 100% HIPAA audit pass rate thanks to our software that stores and documents your efforts, and our Audit Response Team, which supports clients through an audit.

“It really comes down to the comprehensive nature of OCR’s questions. We were able to respond directly to all points of their investigation thanks to Compliancy Group. Not a single audit request or report was left out.”

Pass a HIPAA Audit with Compliancy Group

We’ve never failed an audit on behalf of clients

Avoid costly fines from noncompliance

Protect your business from reputational damage

Become compliant quickly & effectively with guided tasks

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Hear from some of our valued clients!

“What sold me on Compliancy Group was the peace of mind they gave me from the very first phone call I made. Not only did they offer a solution for me, but after hearing about the OCR complaint, they got me in touch with their Audit Response Team the very same day.

“We are fortunate to have the excellent services of the Compliancy Group and their technological solutions to make managing this area a breeze! Our experience with this firm has proven to be very effective, and collegial. They are always prompt to reply to any needs or questions.”

“Our first response was to turn to Compliancy Group’s Audit Response Program. Their experts provided us with a full report and documentation proving that our HIPAA compliance program satisfied the law–which ultimately helped us avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.”

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