Team Keep

Documentation and HIPAA Training All in One Place


Team Keep is a nonprofit organization that aims to assist Pennsylvania’s homeless population by storing their important documents. Although they don’t currently store medical documentation, they plan to do so in the near future. To do so, Team Keep is required to be HIPAA compliant. As such, Team Keep was looking for a HIPAA solution that would allow them to become properly informed and HIPAA-compliant quickly so that they could start storing medical documentation for Philadelphia’s homeless population.


Compliancy Group offered Team Keep a total HIPAA solution that stored all of the documentation they needed in relation to HIPAA compliance. As a document storage solution themselves, Team Keep found the document management portion of Compliancy Group’s software particularly appealing. They also noted that the ability to track and manage their employees’ HIPAA training was extremely useful.


Team Keep had a basic understanding of HIPAA and what was required for HIPAA compliance prior to working with Compliancy Group. However, they found Compliancy Group’s HIPAA training useful, providing them with a comprehensive education on HIPAA requirements. Team Keep also found value in the guided process, stating that their Compliance Coach had a way of making a normally strenuous and difficult process streamlined and easy going. 

Compliancy Group’s implementation process was tailored to their company’s specific needs for HIPAA. Rather than being given a generic compliance program that would have had little to do with how their nonprofit organization operates, they received a HIPAA compliance program that met their needs.

“The Guard, as a portal, is definitely very thorough, providing us with a lot of valuable documentation, some of which we have already been able to use. In addition, tracking all of our employees’ HIPAA training progress through the Guard is very helpful for administrative purposes. Overall, Compliancy Group handled much more of the work than I expected, especially given the low cost for their services” – John Baek, Co-founder, Team Keep.

About Team Keep

Team Keep is a nonprofit organization offering document storage and application completion capabilities for the homeless population, who can access the platform easily at Storing digital copies of documents, such as ID, birth certificates, and medical information, prevents the loss of important documentation and allows homeless individuals to securely apply for services they may not qualify for without such identification. Anyone can visit to learn more and support this mission.

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With our user-friendly compliance platform and ongoing support, you can have peace of mind knowing that your organization is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations and protecting protected health information.

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