A recent poll of webinar attendees found that barely one-third may be HIPAA compliant, based upon responses to a single question.

HIPAA Compliance Survey

Conducting an annual Security Risk Analysis is one of the foundational requirements of HIPAA compliance. Still, only 33.5 percent of 146 respondents answered affirmatively to the question, “Have you completed your HIPAA Risk Analysis for this year?” The poll was conducted during Compliancy Group’s “6 Secret Ingredients to HIPAA Compliance” webinar on May 20, 2022. Participants in the survey answered anonymously.

Those numbers are not surprising to Liam Degnan, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Compliancy Group. With nearly nine years of experience in compliance and risk management, he has witnessed the consequences of failing to comply with HIPAA regulations.

“Look at the statistics of HIPAA violations and fines. You can trace an overwhelming majority of them directly to the failure to conduct or complete a Security Risk Analysis.,” said Degnan.

“When properly done, this analysis provides a snapshot of an organization’s current state of compliance, so that gaps can be identified and remediated.”

“The government demands that it be done every year because it serves as a measuring stick of what is being done. It is an essential part of building the case that an organization is making a good faith effort to comply with the HIPAA laws.”

The results from this survey are echoed by Ryan Smith, Director of Sales and Customer Success, with Rigid Bits, a Managed Security Service Provider and cybersecurity firm that works with businesses to help identify and reduce their cybersecurity risks through consulting services and technology.

“I talk to so many people who swear they’re HIPAA compliant, but 99% of them are not,” said Smith. “I’ve never talked to a single company who had actually done HIPAA to a tee, except for a client of Compliancy Group that I had bumped into.”

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As a client and reseller partner since 2017, Rigid Bits uses a Compliancy Group HIPAA Compliance Checklist to help organizations evaluate their current state of compliance. In a world filled with threats from organized cybercriminal gangs in Russia, China, and North Korea, achieving HIPAA compliance is the minimum step any healthcare provider or vendor must meet to secure a patient’s protected health information.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Breach Reporting Portal (a.k.a. The Wall of Shame) breaches have exposed at least 10.6 million patient records through the first five months of 2022. This total only includes incidents involving breaches affecting 500 or more records per inc