EyeMed Vision Care Reaches Attorney General Settlement, Again

Hold onto your glasses because EyeMed Vision Care has just reached its third settlement over a 2020 data breach that impacted 2.1 million individuals! The vision insurer has agreed to pay a whopping $2.5 million settlement with the states of New Jersey, Oregon, and Florida following an investigation into EyeMed's data security program, which was found to be lacking and contributed to the breach. Yikes! [...]

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$130K State HIPAA Settlement Announced

Two printing companies settled with New Jersey over an incident that exposed protected medical and client information. Under the state HIPAA settlement, Command Marketing Innovations, LLC (CMI) and Strategic Content Imaging, LLC (SCI) agreed to pay a $130,000 fine and implement more robust security policies. Why Were They Fined? The incident that led up to the state HIPAA settlement occurred when the [...]

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Attorney General HIPAA Settlement Reached For Improper Disposal of ePHI

The Wakefern Food Corp., and two of its ShopRite supermarkets, have reached an Attorney General HIPAA settlement with the state of New Jersey and the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. But what led to the Attorney General HIPAA settlement? More details are discussed below. Attorney General HIPAA Settlement for HIPAA Violations In 2016, Wakefern replaced devices in the pharmacies of two [...]

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Settlement Reached with Premera Over Data Breach Exposing PHI of 10.4 Million

Premera Blue Cross signed an agreement with 30 states as a result of a 10-month hack that exposed the protected health information (PHI) of 10.4 million patients. The victims of the data breach had previously filed a lawsuit against Premera and reached a $74 million settlement. However, the Washington Attorney General Bob Fergusen led an investigation into Premera as well.  Through his investigation, Fergusen discovered [...]

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Aetna Pays $935,000 Fine for California HIV Status Breach

Aetna, a Connecticut-based health insurer, has agreed to pay the California Attorney General $935,000 to resolve a 2017 privacy breach that exposed state residents’ HIV status. California HIPAA violations have been increasingly prosecuted on a state-level resulting in Attorney General fines over the past few years, and this is just the most recent example. The breach occurred on July 28, 2017, when Aetna’s mailing vendor [...]

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HIPAA Fines Are Just the Beginning: Civil HIPAA Lawsuits On the Rise

Community Health Systems (CHS) was issued a $4,500,000 HIPAA fine for a reported 2014 data breach. It looks like the data breach resulted from malware which was installed by Chinese hackers on CHS’s computer system. This incident exposed approximately 4.5 million patients’ names, dates of birth, addresses, telephone numbers, and Social Security numbers. But that was just the beginning of the monetary penalties that CHS was about to [...]

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Attorney General HIPAA Fine Sought for Data Breach Affecting 3.9 Million

Attorney General HIPAA fines have been on the increase over the past few years, and the trend is only growing. With this unprecedented HIPAA fine, Attorneys General across twelve states have filed suits against an EHR platform for a breach of over 3.9 million individuals’ protected health information (PHI). On December 3, 2018, twelve Attorneys General collectively filed a security breach lawsuit against Medical Informatics [...]

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CoPilot Settles $130K for Breach Notification with New York AG

CoPilot Provider Services has reached a $130,000 settlement with New York state for delaying its HIPAA breach notification process. NY Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, determined that CoPilot unlawfully delayed HIPAA breach notification to 221,178 customers a full year after the initial breach took place. Schneiderman's office found that the data breach occurred in October of 2015 due to access by an unauthorized user. CoPilot stores confidential reimbursement data [...]

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