Is Citrix ShareFile HIPAA Compliant?

Citrix’s ShareFile touts itself as, “the secure file sharing and transfer service that's built for business.” But, is Citrix ShareFile HIPAA compliant? Read below if they follow HIPAA compliant file sharing. Why Does it Matter if Citrix ShareFile is HIPAA Compliant? Under HIPAA, any software provider that has the potential to access protected health information (PHI) is considered [...]

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Healthcare Ransomware Attack Affects 200K

Woodcreek Provider Services suffered a healthcare ransomware cyber attack affecting 200,000 patients. More details are discussed. Woodcreek Provider Services Healthcare Ransomware Attack Netgain Technology, a business associate of Woodcreek Provider Services, suffered a healthcare ransomware attack that compromised protected health information (PHI). The healthcare cyber attack affected not only Woodcreek Provider Services, but also Woodcreek Healthcare and Multicare, among others. The healthcare ransomware [...]

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Cyberattack on Legal Billing Firm Impacts 36,000 UPMC Members

In February of 2021, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) announced that the protected health information of over 36,000 patients may have been accessed by hackers. UPMC contracted with Charles J. Hilton & Associates, P.C. (CJH), a law firm concentrating in healthcare reimbursement and accounts receivable law, to collect on “slow-paying, underpaid, and wrongfully denied insurance accounts receivables.” UPMC routinely sent PHI to CJH so CJH could provide [...]

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Importance of Vendor Due Diligence Highlighted by Breach

It was recently announced that Bonobos, a subsidiary of Walmart, was the victim of a breach that exposed the personal information of millions of their customers. However, hackers did not target Bonobos or Walmart to exfiltrate the data, instead they breached their third-party cloud service provider providing database backup services for the company. This is a fact that many in the healthcare space overlook, you can be victimized [...]

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Guidance on HIPAA and Cloud Computing: How Can You Use Cloud Software and Comply with HIPAA?

Cloud computing allows users to access data stored in the cloud from anywhere with an internet connection. Because of its ease of use, using the cloud to store business and patient data has become standard best practices for most businesses across every industry. However as of late, with the rise of remote workers and the scramble to quickly adopt remote working practices, many businesses have fallen short in [...]

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Dental Care Vendor Breach Affects 1 Million Patients

Dental Care Alliance announced a breach affecting hundreds of their clients. More details on the dental care vendor breach are discussed. What Caused the Dental Care Vendor Breach? Dental Care Alliance (DCA) provides practice support for 320 dental practices across 20 states. Recently, they announced that they had suffered a healthcare hack that allowed unauthorized access to their network. The dental care vendor breach is the second-largest breach [...]

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Is MailChimp HIPAA Compliant?

MailChimp is a software provider that enables users to send out automated email marketing campaigns. However, as a healthcare organization you must consider the HIPAA compliance of software before implementing them within your organization. Is MailChimp HIPAA compliant? Is MailChimp HIPAA Compliant: Security Features A key component to determine whether or not a software provider is HIPAA compliant is assessing their security features. [...]

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Is eFax HIPAA Compliant?

eFax is a software provider that allows users to send and receive faxes via email easily. But is eFax HIPAA compliant? Is eFax secure? Whether or not eFax is a HIPAA compliant fax service is discussed. Is eFax HIPAA Compliant: Security Features For a software provider to be considered HIPAA compliant, it must enable security features to safeguard protected health information (PHI). [...]

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Is Google Voice HIPAA Compliant?

Google Voice is a VoIP provider - a service that transmits phone calls through an internet connection - that has become increasingly popular amid the new work from home environment. As with any software, healthcare organizations need to determine its HIPAA compliance before it can be used in conjunction with PHI. The question of, is Google Voice HIPAA compliant, is discussed below. [...]

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OCR Enforcement Discretion for Business Associate PHI Use

The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office for Civil Rights, as part of a broad response to support federal and state health authorities and emergency operations centers who need access to COVID-19-related data, has announced it will exercise additional COVID-19-related enforcement discretion. The OCR enforcement discretion is discussed below. What Enforcement Discretion Will be Exercised? Previously, OCR announced it would [...]

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