Hundreds of Patient Files Found in NY Trash Causing HIPAA Violation

NBC New York I-Team found multiple boxes containing patient records in the trash outside of an Upper East side office building. The patient files were found on the curb outside the office of two gastroenterologists. The files included patient names, medical diagnoses, Social Security numbers, and colonoscopy photos. The careless discarding of patient files is a major HIPAA violation. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability [...]

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CoPilot Settles $130K for Breach Notification with New York AG

CoPilot Provider Services has reached a $130,000 settlement with New York state for delaying its HIPAA breach notification process. NY Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, determined that CoPilot unlawfully delayed HIPAA breach notification to 221,178 customers a full year after the initial breach took place. Schneiderman's office found that the data breach occurred in October of 2015 due to access by an unauthorized user. CoPilot stores confidential reimbursement data [...]

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NY HIPAA Legislation to Improve Breach Notification and PHI Security

Pending data breach legislation in New York would redefine unsecured PHI as personal information, affecting breach notification and data security measures across the state. Bill A10475 has the potential to change the future of protected health information (PHI) security in New York state. The NY HIPAA law is set to incorporate individually identifiable health information and associated PHI into its definition of personal information. The proposed New [...]

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