Healthy IT

We spoke with MSP Healthy IT, Inc. about their experience working with Compliancy Group. 

When their company started, they worked almost entirely in the dental space, but have recently branched into other industry sectors. With about 85% of their current clients in healthcare specialties, HIPAA has always been at the forefront of their minds.

They went through the process of becoming HIPAA compliant to better serve their client base. With employees who have diverse backgrounds, some with previous HIPAA experience and some with none at all, they found Compliancy Group’s software easy to navigate and the information provided to them useful.

Healthy IT decided to join Compliancy Group’s Partner Program as a way to easily provide HIPAA to their clients. 

Simple Way to Offer HIPAA-as-a-Service

When asked what their main driving force was in partnering with Compliancy Group, Raine Bepler, Marketing Manager, Healthy IT, Inc., commented, “It was the elephant in the room. All of our clients knew that they needed to be HIPAA compliant. It’s obvious. With us already maintaining the technology portion –  keeping clients’ data safe, monitoring their email security, and making sure none of their sensitive data gets out – taking the steps toward giving them an accessible HIPAA solution made sense.” 

“We knew they wanted to be HIPAA compliant, but managing so many different vendors at once can be hard for them. So being that one-stop shop for them was the main driving force for bringing on HIPAA-as-a-service.”

Working with Compliancy Group to provide HIPAA to their clients will be easy for them to do. They can continue to focus on what they do best, while Compliancy Group fills the gaps in regards to HIPAA.

“With HIPAA onboarding, we were initially concerned that we would have to handle some of the administrative side, but as a partner, we’re covered. Our staff doesn’t have to worry about that. So that’s something that will be helpful since our technicians won’t have to take on the burden of the clinical side in addition to the tech side.”

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Marketing HIPAA as a Differentiator

Now that they have gone through Compliancy Group’s process, they are confident that it will help them differentiate their firm and retain existing clients by providing them with a valuable service. 

“Going back to the driving force for us – especially since most of our clients are dental – having that Seal of Compliance and the ADA backing Compliancy Group is huge. Most of our clients will only trust tools verified by us or a different association they’re a part of. The ADA endorsement is a huge marketing factor that will appeal to prospective clients as well.” 

“Other IT companies offer compliance-as-a-service, but we are great for the dental industry because we partnered with the only solution that the ADA backs. That’s something that will help us stand out.”

Using the Partner Portal for Onboarding Clients

Healthy IT has already started to make marketing collateral using information and ideas from our team and plans to use the resources in the Partner Portal when they begin to onboard clients.

“I’ve already given clients a preview of what’s to come with our HIPAA service. Showing them that we’ve partnered with Compliancy Group for HIPAA and being able to show them an overview of what they’ll get has been great. The checklist also seems like an effective piece of material that we’ll be using.” 

About Compliancy Group’s Partner Program

Compliancy Group’s HIPAA Partner Program allows you to benefit from our industry-leading HIPAA compliance software and expertise. You handle the security, we’ll handle the compliance.

Our team of Compliance Coaches walk your clients through our HIPAA compliance software solution, enabling them to implement a complete HIPAA compliance program efficiently and effectively. As a Compliancy Group partner, you share in our profits with each client you bring to us without worrying about becoming a HIPAA expert yourself. 

As an added value, you have exclusive access to our content marketing team, giving you the resources to educate your clients and sell HIPAA compliance. Find out more about our Partner Program!

About Healthy IT, Inc.

Healthy IT began in 1996 with the belief that healthcare and dental professionals need superior, specialized IT support and services to best attend to their patients’ needs. In addition to healthcare practices, Healthy IT supports legal professionals and other small- to medium-sized businesses who value a superior technology partner who works tirelessly to provide the best quality support. That’s why they are dedicated to providing practices in the Long Island and New York Tri-State Area with all the technology solutions they need to improve patient outcomes and client services while also lowering their costs.