Why You Need HIPAA Compliance Software

Using a software solution for task management makes it easier to track progress and establish a timeline for tasks. A HIPAA software solution makes meeting HIPAA requirements manageable for businesses of all sizes.

HIPAA compliance software serves as a project management tool to ensure that you meet all HIPAA requirements in a reasonable timeframe. While there are many software solutions for HIPAA compliance, many of them do not include everything you need to satisfy the law.

So what should you look for from your HIPAA compliance software provider?

A Total HIPAA Compliance Software Solution

A total HIPAA compliance software solution includes everything you need to satisfy the law. Without HIPAA software, managing the complex tasks required for compliance can be confusing and overwhelming.

Security Risk Assessments, Gap Identification, and Remediation

Each year, businesses working in healthcare (covered entities, business associates, MSPs, and software providers) must complete a security risk assessment (SRA). By completing an SRA, gaps in your organization’s HIPAA safeguards are uncovered. To be HIPAA compliant, you must address identified deficiencies with remediation efforts. A good HIPAA software will allow you to do all of this seamlessly, giving you a single-pane view of your compliance gaps and what you need to do to remediate them.

HIPAA Policies and Procedures

HIPAA policies and procedures are an essential part of any effective compliance program. HIPAA requires businesses to tailor their policies and procedures to apply directly to how their business operates. Using HIPAA software makes it easy to implement policies and procedures that make sense for your business while ensuring that you have everything in place to meet the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules.

Employee Awareness Training

Employee training is integral to the success of your compliance program. Using a HIPAA software solution, all employee HIPAA and cybersecurity training is managed and tracked in one convenient location. HIPAA compliance software also stores all employee training attestations and sends reminders when it’s time for employees to receive their annual training.

Business Associate Agreements

Managing your business associate vendors doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Any vendor that has the potential to access protected health information (PHI) needs to sign a business associate agreement (BAA). Some examples of business associate vendors include electronic health record platforms, email service providers, online appointment schedulers, teleconferencing platforms, cloud storage services, and many more. HIPAA software ensures that all of your business associate vendors have signed a BAA and stores them when they do.

Incident Reporting

HIPAA also requires incidents affecting PHI’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability to be reported. HIPAA software allows anonymous incident reporting and alerts administrators when an incident has been reported.

Compliancy Group is the Industry Leader in HIPAA Compliance Software

The Guard™ software is our simple, cost-effective, cloud-based software platform that addresses every aspect of HIPAA compliance under the law. Our guided software helps you satisfy the totality of HIPAA compliance.

In the past, achieving HIPAA compliance was a challenging and overwhelming task. Compliancy Group’s HIPAA software gives you confidence knowing that you’ve addressed the entirety of the law so that you can focus on running your practice or business.

software for HIPAA

A Security Risk Assessment alone will not make you HIPAA compliant.

We include all required assessments: Security, Administrative, Technical, Physical, Privacy and Device Audits. Plus, you get everything you need to remediate gaps.

The Guard has built-in policy and procedure templates that are customized to the unique needs of your practice or business.

We provide annual HIPAA training to educate you and your employees on HIPAA compliance.

Some inherent challenges of training come with managing who’s been trained, when they were trained, and how to track and prove that they truly understood the training they received.

The Guard has built-in reporting that tracks each employee’s training, as well as their attestation to their training. It also records their completion status and date, ensuring that your staff will always be up-to-date.

HIPAA training
HIPAA Business Associate Agreements

Assess and manage your vendors and Business Associates all from one location.

Business Associate Agreements must be signed and executed each year with all health care vendors. Agreements come stored in The Guard, saving you the time and money you’d otherwise spend with a HIPAA consultant or attorney.

The Guard also simplifies due diligence, giving you the tools to assess the status of your vendors’ privacy standards, security, and HIPAA compliance year after year.

“We were scared to death after going to the HHS website to see all the requirements. The Guard took all the complication out of it. Without the Guard we would still be floundering. Thanks for making a truly great product!”

Dana O, Business Continuity Services of Texas

“I’ve used some of the other software that’s out there on the market. I don’t find that those tools serve the needs of the Compliance Officer or the organization as well as the Guard does.”

Dotty B, Integrity Healthcare Advisors

“Compliancy Group’s software is exactly the answer I was looking for to create and manage my policies and procedures. Working with them saved me at least three years of work.”

Clive W, Alabama Cancer Centers

“We have safeguards in place, we’re trained, and we understand the process. Our medical clients love that. Since signing up with Compliancy Group, medical has become one of our top industries.”

Jenna E, Eighty-One Eleven HR Consulting

“After partnering with Compliancy Group, our sales approach completely transformed. Offering compliance services allowed us to decrease our sales cycle and increase sales conversion.”

Simeon R, SAR Technology Group

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