What is MIPS Scoring and how does it affect you?

MIPS is made of four basic categories and is part of MACRA’s Quality Payment Program. The program, originally based off of PQRS and Meaningful Use, and overlaps some of what we see in HIPAA, like the Security Risk Analysis. The four categories of MIPS Scoring is quality,¬†Advancing Care Information, improvement, and cost. In order to score MIPS effectively CMS created a scoring system that allows you to be measured against your performance and see whether you will receive partial or full credit.


Having a high MIPS score does not mean you are HIPAA compliant, just as being HIPAA compliant does not make you have a high MIPS score. Conducting a Security Risk Assessment is required for HIPAA, MACRA, MIPS and Meaningful Use, but it is important to remember all the other aspects of the programs that are needed.

How to score MIPS:

  • Quality: 60-70 points and 60% of MIPS Score

  • Advancing Care Information: 100 points and 25% of MIPS Score

  • Improvement Activities: 40 points and 15% of MIPS Score

  • Cost: 10 points per measure

MIPS scoring

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