HIPAA Help Center

We’re happy to announce that users of The Guard: HIPAA Compliance Software will now have access to the newly developed HIPAA Help Center. The Help Center is an online knowledge base for healthcare professionals built right into a subscription of The Guard™.

The HIPAA Help Center is available to answer any and all questions pertaining to HIPAA compliance. Whether users are looking for a quick answer to their compliance questions, or just want to continue their HIPAA education with extra resources, the Help Center is here to give you the tools you need.

Users of The Guard will still have the unlimited support of our team of expert Compliance Coaches™ who are always available to field questions and guide your implementation process. The Help Center is a supplement to that support, and a testament to our ongoing commitment to simplifying compliance.

How the HIPAA Help Center works with your compliance plan:

Though your Coaches are always on call and there to help you with any questions, or walk throughs of your HIPAA process, we believe that the more support we can supply the better. You will be able to search everything from basic HIPAA questions, to advanced overviews of specific regulations. This function allows you to read about the regulation in plain english instead of technical jargon.

With our live chat function you will also be able to speak with a representative to answer any questions you may have or be guided on any questions you have on the software or HIPAA compliance in general.

For those new to The Guard we supply screen shots and a complete walk through on how to use our product, but we are still here for a full guided implementation with our Compliance Coaches.

Check out the HIPAA Help Center by logging onto The Guard, or get started on addressing your compliance today with a free demo from one of our HIPAA experts.

HIPAA Help Center

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