Each month we provide an overview of the healthcare breaches occurring in the previous month. In November, healthcare breaches affected 1,157,813 patients. November healthcare breaches are discussed below.

The breaches reported by the Department of Health and Human service on their breach portal included 48 breaches affecting 35 healthcare providers, 7 business associates, and 6 health plans.

November healthcare breaches

November Healthcare Breaches and Hacking/IT Incidents

The majority of November healthcare breaches occurred as a result of hacking/IT incidents. There were 24 hacking/IT incidents affecting 886,645 patients. Of these incidents, 21 affected healthcare providers, 2 affected business associates, and one affected a health plan.

Network Server Hacks Affected 662,396 Patients

Healthcare providers:

Lawrence General Hospital: affected 176,587 patients

Donghyun Noh DMD, LLC d/b/a Pristine Dental: affected 1,428 patients

Methodist Hospital of Southern California: affected 39,881 patients

The GEO Group Inc.: affected 3,991 patients

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare: affected 24,000 patients

Seeley Enterprises Company: affected 16,196 patients

PhySynergy LLC: affected 3,667 patients

AspenPointe, Inc.: affected 295,617 patients

Bayhealth Medical Center, Inc.: affected 78,006 patients

Planned Parenthood of Metro Washington: affected 500 patients

Indian Health Council Inc.: affected 5,769 patients

Business associates:

US Fertility LLC: affected 5,439 patients

Golden Gate Regional Center: affected 11,315 patients

Email Hacks Affected 195,929 Patients

Healthcare providers:

Peachtree Immediate Care FP, LLC: affected 1,462 patients

Louisiana State University- Health Care Services Division: affected 8,000 patients

Legacy Community Health Services: affected 3,076 patients

Paragon Health, P.C.: affected 685 patients

Northpoint Recovery Holdings, LLC: affected 1,866 patients

Mercy Iowa City: affected 92,795 patients

People Incorporated: affected 27,500 patients

Health plans:

Tufts Health Plan: affected 60,545 patients

Other Hacks Affected 28,320 Patients

Healthcare providers:

Cornerstones of Care: affected 15,680 patients

Jekyll Island-State Park Authority – Jekyll Island Fire/EMS: affected 1,881 patients

Galstan & Ward Family and Cosmetic Dentistry: affected 10,759 patients

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November Healthcare Breaches and Unauthorized Access/Disclosures

In November, there were 19 incidents related to the unauthorized access or disclosure of protected health information. 9 of these incidents affected healthcare providers, 5 affected business associates, and 5 affected health plans.

Paper/Films Unauthorized Access/Disclosure Affected 80,519 Patients

Business associates:

Presbyterian Health Plan: affected 3,557 patients

One Touch Point: affected 28,658 patients

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc.: affected 8,022 patients

Herron Business Law: affected 1,419 patients

Health plans:

CareSource West Virginia Co: affected 1,587 patients

CareSource Kentucky Co: affected 8,320 patients

CareSource Indiana, Inc: affected 10,021 patients

CareSource Health Plan: affected 8,730 patients

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia, Inc.: affected 10,205 patients

Network Server Unauthorized Access/Disclosure Affected 59,337 Patients

Healthcare providers:

Bruce L. Boros, M.D., P.A. DBA Advanced Urgent Care: affected 58,823 patients

Business associates:

The Tree House Child Advocacy Center of Montgomery County: affected 514 patients

Email Unauthorized Access/Disclosure Affected 18,945 Patients

Healthcare providers:

Brazos Valley Plastic Surgery: affected 2,255 patients

Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health: affected 9,930 patients

Conway Regional Health System: affected 2,945 patients

Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center: affected 3,815 patients

Electronic Medical Record Unauthorized Access/Disclosure Affected 4,530 Patients

Healthcare providers:

Hillcrest Nursing Center: affected 1,030 patients

ProMedica Bixby Hospital: affected 3,500 patients

Other Unauthorized Access/Disclosure Affected 2,784 Patients

Healthcare providers:

Bardstown Primary Care dba: Physicians to Children & Adolescents: affected 859 patients

Bilingual Psychological Associates, PC: affected 1,925 patients

November Healthcare Breaches and Theft, Loss, and Improper Disposal

November healthcare breaches were also caused by the theft, loss, or improper disposal of PHI, all of which affected healthcare providers. 2 incidents involved theft, 2 involved loss, and one involved the improper disposal of PHI.

Paper/Films Theft and Improper Disposal Affected 2,524 Patients

Healthcare providers:

Walmart Inc.: affected 524 patients

Physicians Apothecary: affected 2,000 patients

Other Theft/Loss Affected 102,529 Patients

Healthcare providers:

Jonathan Woolfson, MD, PC: affected 2,000 patients

Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs, Inc..: affected 529 patients

Alamance Skin Center: affected 100,000 patients

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