Starting a Medical Practice? Consider These 4 Factors (Plus 1)

If you’re a doctor, dentist, or similar medical professional, and you’ve decided to open your own practice, you face a tsunami of choices, opportunities, and challenges. Whether you’re fresh out of residency or leaving the security of an existing practice, it’s both exciting and nerve-wracking. Many online guides promise to help you make this transition in five easy steps or guarantee success [...]

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How to Market Your MSP Business

It takes a lot to grow your business. One of the most essential aspects, and often overlooked, is marketing. Knowing how to market your MSP business is difficult when you don’t have a marketing background. The following MSP marketing tips will provide some easy ways to market your business. MSP Marketing Tips How can you effectively market your MSP? The MSP marketing [...]

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MSP Revenue Service Offerings and HIPAA

When looking into what to offer to increase your revenue, HIPAA is a good place to start. Your MSP’s service offerings should reflect the needs of the largest sector of the economy, healthcare. The best way to increase MSP revenue services is by offering HIPAA compliance services to your clients. What is HIPAA and How Can You Help Your Clients Comply? HIPAA [...]

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How HIPAA Affects the Role of Business Associates

In order to provide the best possible care for patients, healthcare providers often need business partners to provide support services. When do these service providers become business associates as defined by HIPAA, and what are their duties and responsibilities in the role of business associate? How HIPAA Affects the Role of Business Associates – The Basics The purpose of HIPAA’s rules and [...]

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Don’t Overlook the HIPAA Compliance of Your MSP Tools

If you’re a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you know that business depends upon your reputation. The MSP tools that you use to manage your clients effectively while maintaining the security and privacy of their data are vital to maintaining that reputation. That’s especially true when working with organizations required to be HIPAA compliant. How does that affect the MSP tools you use to support them? [...]

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A Developer’s Guide to Creating HIPAA Compliant Software

You’ve coded up this amazing piece of software that is perfect for the healthcare market. The fact that the industry’s footprint is more than $3.8 billion in the United States alone has got you seeing dollar signs. The only problem is that your potential customers will only consider HIPAA compliant software, and you aren’t sure where or how to get started in making your product [...]

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Why You Need Dental IT Support

Dental office administrative staff are often overburdened with a multitude of tasks, especially as of late with staffing shortages across the country. These staff members are often required to wear many hats and are therefore more likely to fall victim to burnout. With their focus divided across several tasks, it is difficult to fully address the security needs of the modern dental practice. This is where dental IT [...]

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6 MSP HIPAA Compliance Tips

As an MSP with healthcare clients, it is important to understand how HIPAA applies to you and your clients. As your clients’ trusted advisor, your clients will rely on you to help them comply with HIPAA. To help you understand your HIPAA obligations, and how to carry them over to your clients, MSP HIPAA compliance tips are discussed below. MSP HIPAA Compliance Tips You [...]

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Is Florida’s Vulnerable Form for COVID Vaccination a HIPAA Violation?

The Florida Department of Health has come under fire for its “COVID-19 Determination of Extreme Vulnerability” form, some claiming that it is a HIPAA violation. But is Florida’s vulnerable form for COVID vaccination a HIPAA violation? What is the Vulnerable Form for COVID Vaccination? Earlier this month, the Governor of Florida, Ron Desantis, issued an executive order allowing pharmacies to provide vaccines to “extremely vulnerable” Florida residents. With [...]

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Cyberattack on Legal Billing Firm Impacts 36,000 UPMC Members

In February of 2021, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) announced that the protected health information of over 36,000 patients may have been accessed by hackers. UPMC contracted with Charles J. Hilton & Associates, P.C. (CJH), a law firm concentrating in healthcare reimbursement and accounts receivable law, to collect on “slow-paying, underpaid, and wrongfully denied insurance accounts receivables.” UPMC routinely sent PHI to CJH so CJH could provide [...]

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