MSP Marketing Tips

It takes a lot to grow your business. One of the most essential aspects, and often overlooked, is marketing. Knowing how to market your MSP business is difficult when you don’t have a marketing background. The following MSP marketing tips will provide some easy ways to market your business.

MSP Marketing Tips

How can you effectively market your MSP? The MSP marketing tips below will give you a practical approach to marketing your firm in a way your prospects will understand.

  1. Focus on business outcomes and customer ROI
  2. Tone down the tech lingo
  3. Use case studies and visuals
  4. Educate with webinars and demos
  5. Differentiate your firm
  6. Use the Seal of Compliance

Focus on Business Outcomes and Customer ROI

Most people outside the tech space don’t understand what you’re talking about when you promote specific software or its functions. Rather than trying to market your firm’s offerings directly, market something the client will understand – business outcomes. For example, when marketing encryption to a client, talk about file protection. Clients understand that.

You can think about marketing business outcomes and ROI in a few ways:

  • Will it lower the client’s cost?
  • Will it save them time?
  • Will it lead to more sales?
  • Will it limit their liability?
  • Will it lead to a better customer experience?

Tone Down the Tech Lingo

When it comes to tech lingo, it’s best to work under the assumption that your client has little to no understanding of the tech and security space. 

So how can you explain your offerings and what the client needs in terms they can understand?

  • Explain your tech in the most straightforward way possible
  • Don’t use acronyms 
  • Use a grammar tool that identifies complex words

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Use Case Studies and Visuals

Case studies and testimonials can go a long way in marketing your MSP business. Now more than ever, customers want to know about other clients’ experiences with a company before deciding to work with them. Case studies and testimonials are great ways to showcase your business while giving you control over the messaging (unlike with online reviews). 

Visuals can also be a great way to showcase what you do in a way your clients can understand. Using videos and infographics that highlight the importance of your services (using business outcomes) allows clients to see how you can help them more clearly. Because let’s be honest, when most people hear someone talking about a product or service, their eyes glaze over. But when clients can watch a short video or take a peek at an infographic, they are more likely to engage and absorb the information.

Educate with Webinars and Demos

Webinars can be an effective MSP marketing tool when used correctly. People join webinars to learn, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also sell on them (just make sure it’s subtle). 

For example, in the healthcare space, you can teach prospective clients about HIPAA while pointing to ways you can help them meet their requirements. Or you can run a webinar on cybersecurity best practices while pointing to the security tools in your stack that can help them protect their data.

The same thing goes with demos. Prospective clients want to see what they get before signing up for a service or product. Demos are also an excellent way to tie everything together. In a demo, you can briefly review your tools and connect them to business outcomes, case studies, and regulatory requirements.

Differentiate Your Firm

Differentiation is essential to any business and especially in your marketing efforts. What makes your firm stand out? How is your service better than your competitors? 

The key to differentiation is researching your competitors to find their faults. Look at some reviews and focus on the negative ones. This should go without saying, but don’t take digs at your competitor. Just use their negative reviews as a launching point to showcase how you’re better. 

For example, you find out that one of your competitors has poor customer service. Rather than calling them out, saying, “So and so has horrible customer service. We pride ourselves in ours,” you can say, “Our customer service is unmatched. Find out why our customers love us!” 

How do you meet a need that your competitors don’t? What are your unique offerings? And remember to always focus on those business outcomes.

Use the Seal of Compliance

Compliancy Group’s HIPAA Seal of Compliance is awarded to clients that implement a compliance program using its automated software solution. The Seal is an excellent marketing tool as it differentiates your firm and represents your ability to serve healthcare clients. Because when working with healthcare clients, you must be HIPAA compliant.

“The Seal of Compliance on our website has been a great sales tool for us. It’s the perfect differentiator when new customers are deciding between working with us and another software provider,” Adam Zachs, Legal and Compliance Officer.

How Compliancy Group Helps MSP Marketing

Compliancy Group’s HIPAA Partner Program allows you to benefit from our industry-leading HIPAA compliance software and expertise. You handle the security; we’ll handle the compliance.

Our team of Compliance Coaches walk your clients through our HIPAA compliance software solution, enabling them to implement a complete HIPAA compliance program efficiently and effectively. As a Compliancy Group partner, you share in our profits with each client you bring to us without worrying about becoming a HIPAA expert yourself. 

As an added value, you have exclusive access to our content marketing team, giving you the resources to educate your clients and sell HIPAA compliance. Find out more about our Partner Program!

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