Unveiling the Dark Side of Dentistry: Worcester Dental Office Manager’s Shocking Role in Medicaid Fraud Scheme

In a shocking turn of events, a dental office manager from Worcester has been sentenced for participating in a scheme to defraud the Massachusetts Medicaid program, MassHealth. Robin Cronin, 61, was handed down a sentence of two years probation by U.S. Senior District Court Judge Timothy S. Hilman.  September of 2020 marked the month when Cronin, burdened by guilt, reluctantly admitted to [...]

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HIPAA Compliance Consulting and Management for Dental Practices

Let me tell you the tooth and nothing but the tooth about HIPAA compliance consulting and management for dental practices! Dental practices handle a significant amount of sensitive patient information ranging from medical history and insurance details to personal information. Keeping this information completely secure is a legal obligation and an ethical responsibility. The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and with it [...]

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Dental Compliance Made Easier

With so many considerations in compliance, how can dental compliance be made easier? Although no one likes to ask for help, you probably need it. HIPAA law is not straightforward and is meant to be scaled for different types and sizes of businesses. But it doesn’t exactly lay out a plan for you. You need to dig through thousands of pages of [...]

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How to Successfully Navigate HIPAA Teledentistry Regulations

The COVID-19 pandemic forced healthcare practitioners to find new ways to deliver quality medical care to patients in remote settings. Dentistry also embraced the concept of telehealth with teledentistry solutions designed to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and create more convenience for patients and dental staff. The market has many options for telehealth services, but which one is right for you? Here are [...]

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Trio of Dentist HIPAA Violations Leads to $135,000 in Settlements

Three dental practices across the country became the latest medical professionals to learn that the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is serious about patients’ right of access under HIPAA. OCR announced three settlements that total $135,000 in civil monetary penalties for dentist HIPAA violations. Background of Dentist HIPAA Violations Acting in their role as the enforcement arm for HIPAA violations, OCR [...]

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HIPAA for IT Service Providers: Risks and Rewards

As an IT service provider, you are always looking for new services you can offer your clients. You want these services to be something your clients need, an offering you can provide with a low barrier to entry, and something that provides your business the opportunity for growth.  For an IT service provider, reselling HIPAA compliance, or simply servicing a healthcare client, [...]

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Causes and Effects of HIPAA Violations in the Dental Field

Building and maintaining a thriving dental practice is not a simple task. Between keeping your staff at peak efficiency, managing vendors, marketing your services, treating patients, and everything else in your day, it’s easy to overlook something like HIPAA compliance. Unfortunately, HIPAA violations in the dental field can create severe issues for your practice. Who Defines HIPAA Violations in the Dental Field [...]

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What Are the Benefits of Telehealth?

Telehealth is the delivery of healthcare, patient education, health information, and self-care, via audio or audiovisual means, at a location remote from the patient. Doctors who offer telehealth treatment can perform many of the same services rendered in person. These include prescribing medicine, diagnosing conditions, and offering prognoses. The benefits of telehealth include benefits for patients as well as for physicians. What are the Benefits of Telehealth [...]

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 HIPAA Business Email Compromise 

A cyberthreat known as business email compromise has caused businesses, religious institutions, educational institutions, non-profits, and other companies, to lose billions of dollars since the FBI first began tracking the threat in 2013. Business email compromise (BEC) - also known as CEO impersonation - is a favorite crime of Internet con artists because the practice relies on what any con operation requires for success: deception. These criminals target [...]

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10 Tips for Protecting Patient Health Information in the Workplace

Protecting patient health information in the workplace involves employees following practical measures so that a covered entity is compliant. Below are ten HIPAA compliant tips for protecting patient protected health information (PHI) in the healthcare workplace. Take steps to minimize the risk of unauthorized access by implementing access controls  Provide training on PHI handling, for employees who perform healthcare administrative functions  Be mindful of when patient [...]

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